Mondays and Balance


I stood loading my grocery items onto a dirty belt at Walmart, a volume of purchases one is more likely to see at Costco, while I listened to the passive complaint of the cashier about it being “Monday again”.

Why does Monday get such a bad rap?

I cannot seem to comprehend this “Monday” thing. Perhaps this is because I have no Monday, or rather, every day is Monday for me. Imagine waking up in your office every morning. That’s my life! No matter how early I wake, there is always a child who seems to wake up at the exact same time. The insane magnitude of energy these kids come at me with in the morning is usually a foreshadowing for what the rest of the day will bring. For any parent, life can be a challenging. Now that my husband has returned to Afghanistan, there is even more on my shoulders than before. And by “even more” I mean everything. I began to list it all, then I realized you’d be exhausted by the time you read it and probably never return to read my blog again. Suffice to say, it’s a LOT.

As I watched the lady bagging my groceries and telling me about how her children are grown and “its so hard” because she has to put her groceries away on her own now, I chuckled to myself. I knew that I could jump in and commiserate. That I could even one-up her by sharing a day in the life of me. But I laughed to myself instead because I have chosen a better way. A way which ensures, if I follow it, to never leave me empty and unsatisfied. It is simple.

I ask for God to show me His will. Then I work hard to do what He shows me.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

My application of this is not perfect. I wish this was my constant state. All I know is that when I ask with a sincere heart, God will show me His will and enable me to carry it out. The trick is that I have look for whatever it is that I am supposed to be doing and then follow through when I recognize it. This type of mindfulness does not come about easily. It is hard work in and of itself. But it is exciting!

If there is one thing I know well it is that walking in God’s will is never boring.

I could be called to pray with a stranger at the local grocery store, drive someone to the hospital to see a friend before a terminal illness takes them from this world, or listen to the small voice that says “take your guitar” to a funeral and then witness that funeral turn into revival as lives are given to Christ. Never. Ever. Boring. But, it is usually hard…

It is hard to look past my selfishness of wanting to be liked and just do the “weird” things, like pray with strangers in public. It is hard to leave my children for a couple hours, once again, to serve someone else’s family. It is hard to give my time into others’ ministries when I begin to feel stuck, and what I really want to do is plant my own church. It is hard to write this blog when I really want to devote all my time to writing my book. Many times, the calling feels less spiritual and consists of things like holding my patience while listening to a toddler fake cry… for a half hour… in a voice that sounds like a mix between a busted ambulance siren and a wounded sea lion… so I can finally get back to writing this post while she sleeps.

But ALL of my callings, done in the will of the Father, have ETERNAL SIGNIFICANCE. 

I dedicate myself to hard work and to trusting that God’s plans for me are good. I know this because He is a good Father and good fathers do everything they can to help their children progress, even when the progress is painful. I can count it ALL joy. Whether I get to sing on a platform and praise Him with hundreds of people, or I get to grow my leadership skills by herding cats… I mean children… and tending to our home. It is all for my good if I am in His will. And THAT is where the balance is. The world has tricked some of us into believing that the source of this elusive “balance” is schedules and self-promotion, having and controlling. But, surprise again, the world has got this one wrong too…

Balance is NOT a thing to be achieved but a STATE OF BEING to walk in.

This balance exists only in the will of our Father in heaven. If you hate Mondays like the cashier lady, I feel your pain. Monday is every day in my life, remember? But if you are a follower of Jesus, then you have access to the Father in a unique way and should seek His will instead of new ways to complain about work  every week. Ask what His purpose is for having you sit next to that obnoxious co-worker. Ask Him how He is trying to grow you in the place where you feel stuck.

Ask. Listen. Then DO.

Faith without works is dead, as we know (hopefully). So believe that He has the best for you… and do something about it. Do what He wants you to do about it, not what you feel like doing.

Oh… and happy Monday 😉

Your sister,



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