#forthedchallenge ?

Last night I recorded a video to participate in the #forthed***challenge, but of course, because I am completely in love with Jesus, there was a twist. Instead it became #forthecrosschallenge.

You can view that video here:


Anyway, within the first 10 minutes I had multiple likes from young men and women, teenagers, whom I had never met. This confirmed two things we all know but clearly would rather ignor…

Instagram is the territory of our youth online. And they are not turning off their devices when you tell them to.

I posted my video close to 12 o’clock at night and these children were laying in their beds searching for #forthed***challenge! I’m assuming they were not sitting next to their parents being supervised on the living room sofa… though there are those parents too (I grew up with them), and that’s a whole other story for later. Rather, these vulnerable kids, who are OUR FUTURE, were likely in their bedroom where their parents thought them to be fast asleep.Which brings me to this point…

We blame our youth for everything yet guide them in nothing.

We slander the youth of this country, telling them that they are not good enough and expecting them to carry a torch of passion for great things that we failed to pass on in the first place. That torch never made it because the “adults” tripped over something self-serving and grotesque, like the #forthedchallenege, and failed to make the handoff. So while we are online talking about what we would do to satisfy our carnal desires, people saying things ranging from kidnapping and murder to prostitution and smoking crack… Our children are watching from afar in the privacy of their own bedroom… and God only knows what they are picking up from our sickening example.

I’m not about to judge any of the other parents, Lord knows we have enough of that, but I personally do not allow my children on social media. They do not have devices that are above the capability of my own every day phone… which is a flip phone. Yes those still exist. Even as I contemplate transitioning back to a smartphone, I still lack the inclination to provide adult freedoms and responsibilities to the tender and still developing minds and hearts of my children. However you manage this as a parent… do something.

When I saw this hashtag trending so hard on IG I had to do something about it. We’ve reached a whole new level of damaging our children with bad information on social media.

Children have fallen victim to eating disorders, self harm, suicide attempts, and violence of all kinds because of our desire to entertain ourselves with sick things rather than stand up for what is right.

What I saw when I stepped into that territory gave me hope…

While they were few adults who responded to the video that I made, these teenagers were LOVING the content I delivered. Among all the trash available, they preferred truth laden rhymes claiming allegiance to the cross of Jesus instead of a glorified, created appendage (which is being robbed of its intended purpose for intimacy, by the way).

Our children are hungry for truth and we are feeding them garbage.

Today, put down your phone check on with your child is doing. Spend some time with them. Get to know who they are, who their friends are, what are they looking at when you’re not sitting next to them… ask them about the weird things that they are not going to bring up but that need to be discussed.

They will tell you they want your guidance by the way they live their lives, not the way they slouch and roll their eyes. (Ha! That rhymed, now you can remember it easily!) 

I know these things because I am that child who grew up with no guidance. Really. Like, none. When I cussed I was “expressing” myself. Whoever yelled the loudest was who got heard, which meant if I didn’t yell I didn’t have my needs met. Whoever was the most vulgar was the toughest. There was no man around to guide us or protect us so we found our own way and everybody was the enemy… On somedays even each other. My mother did the best that she could on her own, but struggled with her own demons as we all do. I know there are many parents out there like her, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to struggle against those demons. Jesus did that for you.

You have a solution in Jesus. So seek him because he has already overcome all of that mess and you do NOT have to pass it down to your children.

Please be well today, and most importantly, love your children well. None of us are a perfect example for our children, but all of us can point in the direction of the One who is…

Jesus, the Savior that redeems us from all our sin… And the friend who is closer than a brother… Even when we are up late looking at stuff we’re not supposed to and need a still small voice to guide us back to righteousness.

I love you all.

Your sister,


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