Easter Christians

This weekend hundreds of families will dress up, head to church services, argue with toddlers about how much candy they are allowed to eat, and check off the obligatory bi-annual religious activity until Christmas rolls around.

We tend to blame these casual church-goers as if this is all their fault.

It’s not. Jesus has made it very clear in His revelation to John (the book of Revelation) that the church will be judged first.

We have the responsibility to be active ministers of reconciliation. What this does not mean is inviting people to church services and then lamenting when they fail to connect with the gospel our pastor preached.

It does mean that we are to preach the gospel.

Sound weighty? It is. Glad we are on the same page… or did you think that Christ gave His life just for you?

I grew up hearing that Jesus died for me. That if I were the only person in the world who needed saving, He still would have given His life as a sacrifice for my sin. I believe that it true. However, I am not the only person in the world.

I have the personal responsibility (which is a joy) to share that forgiveness with the world.

It is unfair and downright disorderly that our apathetic behavior as Christians must be addressed so often from the pulpit.

Our leaders should have the freedom to preach the word and instead they are trying to rally us to do what Christ already commissioned.

When Jesus shows up and shows out we don’t need to be told to “tell it on the mountain”. In fact He told people not to speak and they STILL couldn’t hold in the good news!

This makes me question if the church at large is really walking with Christ like we claim or if we are no different than “Easter Episcopals” and “Christmas Catholics” (as I have heard these seekers called).

So my question for you is this:

Where do you fit into this story of salvation? Will you simply place yourself next to the “sinner” in the pew and hope for the best? Or worse; will you see yourself as inconvenienced instead of blessed by their presence because they’re sitting in “your” seat? (yes, Baptists I’m talking to you)

How about we all resolve now to risk the ego and live the dangerous grace that Jesus exemplified? Surely we can sacrifice our comfort zone in response to a sacrificed life.

My prayers are with you as you live boldly for the Lord as a powerful witness of His presence and live this Easter.

Your sister,


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