Is Jeff Sessions Abusing Scripture?

Jesus never intended worldly government to replace His authority. God’s authority is sovereign and of a world (heaven) we can only begin to imagine.

That is why when my husband shared this article with me, I felt it quite necessary to address the topic of Jeff Sessions’s “abuse” of scripture.

I don’t often write on political matters but this is a matter where a politician is addressing the church, the church I love, and using the Word as a way to motivate people into action.

Sessions is part of the government telling us to submit to government.

It conjures images of a controlling husband and telling his wife that she is to submit to him.

We all know that this is in context of his submission to her as well. We know by now (hopefully) that his use of Ephesians 5:22 outside of context could be considered abuse.

So did Sessions really abuse scripture? Did he take it out of context?

Considering that he is confronting unchristian practices of the government, I would say “no.”

Jeff Sessions has been working to affect change within the structure he operates while encouraging believers to submit to this authority. Clearly, he does not mean that we are blindly submissive. It is implied in his actions to change policy that he understands certain things are out of order with the Word. Whether he has been able to accomplish his goals or not is irrelevant. Whether he has all the details right is irrelevant as well.

The point is that he believes the government should submit to the Lord, and the people to the government under God.

I am not arguing that his perspective of what this looks like is flawless. I am saying that his heart is in the right place; as much as it can be presently.

“It conjures images of a controlling husband and telling his wife that she is to submit to him.”

Ultimately, we all need to come before they Lord on the matters of immigration, racism, and same-sex marriage (as with everything else), and allow Him to lead us in His will.

We need to continue in prayer for our government officials and trust that they will do as the Spirit leads.

There are God-sized problems in the world, including our beloved USA. Jeff Sessions is not going to fix these problems anymore than Donald Trump or Obama or the next conservative Supreme Court Justice.

Like us, they are all part of the problem.

They are sinful human beings like you and me. There is no cultural, or governmental issue that exists separate of a sin issue.

We need Jesus and since no one knows when He’s coming to right this insanity, it is up to us to be vessels for His grace in the meantime.

I think you would be surprised at how effective this tactic can be. After all it is the tactic God chose to conduct His grace to the world in His temporary departure.

Perhaps we should continue to concern ourselves with what Jesus wants more than what our politicians want. This particular politician we are discussing would agree, I believe.

May we argue less and love more.

Your sister,



2 thoughts

  1. Monica,

    Thank you so much for your blog. You have such a powerful message the world, and the church, needs to hear.

    A couple respectful comments on this article. First, thanks for being brave enough to write it. You’ve probably gotten flak over it, but you are so good at addressing the hard stuff. That’s where the church needs to be. Thanks for being brave.

    A knit that I’m sure others have pointed out: Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General, no longer a senator. A senator can relatively harmlessly spout off and many do. But as the head of the Dept of Justice, he sets the tone for law enforcement across the country. What he says matters.

    Although, yes, I certainly agree it’s Biblical to respect the law of the land, it’s wrong when our enforcement becomes a bigger injustice than the trespass. Illegal entry is a misdemeanor, hardly worth the severe trauma inflicted on innocent children by ripping them away from their parents. Although I support President Trump on most things, separating families is an injustice that needs to stop. If there’s any wrong in seeking a better life for your family, better that it be on the immigrant’s side, not on ours.

    Anyway, I wanted to email my thoughts privately, because I’m not trying to give you any flak, just respectfully share another point-of-view to think about, because I know from reading your blog justice is big. I love your blog, and “Emptied” is the perfect title for a Christian blog. So good.

    Thank you for all you do. Keep writing!

    Thanks, Dave Wernli [31] 540-845-1225


    • Thanks for the correction. I appreciate your comments. There are those who are way more informed on the matter than I am.

      You know my heart for justice and I appreciate that as well. My personal thoughts did not go much into this one, perhaps I should have made it more obvious than just linking appropriate scripture that shows I disagree with what is being done to families. My intent was to not become part of the debate while affirming that we still need to obey the law as Christians despite who is prompting us to or how they attempt to motivate us. I should follow up with an article pertaining to my thoughts on the injustice of the separation of families that is occurring.

      I just think most of my readers know my heart so I have received no flak, but I believe I owe them clarification of exactly where I stand. Again, thanks Dave! I will definitely follow up with that.


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