I LOVE John MacArthur!

I was kind of angry when I heard (again) MacArthur’s position on women in the pulpit. Ok, ‘kind of’ is an understatement. But still…

I really love this guy! Yeah he upset me, but isn’t that what family does? We peeve each other off like ALL. THE. TIME.

Thing is, you can’t really have family without conflict.

But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Conflict is an opportunity to love deeper and fuller. A chance to love the way Christ loves us and an opportunity to show this unearned love (grace) to the watching world.

Offense creates a chance to testify!

I’ll take it! I hereby retract all my negative statements about brother John and those who have defamed the names of women pastors and preachers. Furthermore, I ask forgiveness for my own bitterness (and sometimes snarkiness.)

Even though they will probably never read this, it is important that I lay it out there as an example for how we ought to love.

I refuse to allow Pastor MacArthur’s words to remain a divisive weapon that damages the Church. Instead they will be a conduit for my growth in Christ.

I will let love cover this multitude of sin and heal the pain that sin causes. I will hold to the new covenant in Christ and be graceful no matter what is thrown my way.

I pray each one of us, whichever side of the debate we may fall on, can walk forward in grace.

Let’s show the world what Christians are really made of… forgiveness and love that is more powerful than the harshest offense.

Your sister,


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