Is He Changed?

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It seems God has just infiltrated the troubled Kardashian family via former self-inflated rapper Kanye West. We’re out here arguing over whether his album is any good or his conversion is real.

I mean, can we please acknowledge that so many “Christians” wanted Jenner to hang for helping lead the way in a trans revolution in America… and now God is working IN this family?

Are we ignoring it out of ignorance and simply finding something new to debate because we are addicted to our own opinions?

Let’s chat about the album for a minute for the sake of (apparently necessary) argument…

Honest feedback? The music is great but the lyrics could be better from an artistry standpoint. But does that mean they are bad necessarily? What if this is the beginning of the return to great hip-hop?

The genre began in New York and quickly spread throughout the country. It became a powerful way to convey (or “spit”) truth to one another in the streets & on porches… the hood version of a Greek philosopher’s portico.

Truth is hardly the theme of today’s rap and hip-hip. That’s why it’s been said to be “dead,” and most of it isn’t any good.

While Kanye’s style is being hotly debated, some of us are missing the fact that it is FILLED with truth.

Those who see what God is doing here are loving it. Those who are analyzing Kanye’s every move are seeing whatever helps them feel safe.

You ask “is he really changed?”

I ask, “are you?”

When did salvation ever bring full sanctification with it? Is Kanye supposed to be glorified and made perfect at the point of surrender to Christ, or can he get the same freedom to grow, like the rest of us?

Spoiler alert! He’s going to disappoint you. He’s not God, but at least he’s admitting that now. Stop trying to put that man back up on a pedestal he is renouncing. (You included, mega church pastors and worship leaders)

This man is going to battle years of learned behavior involving pride, lust, envy, fear etc.. Why don’t you try battling alongside him as your brother, instead of attacking to see how long he can stand up to your fleshly demands for a performance?

I’ve been praying for him and others in the industry for many years. This is an answered prayer, no matter how it goes down. But I do believe we are to love one another and leave the rest up to the Lord.

Pray for Kanye today before you post about him for goodness sake.

Your sister,


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