Trump has been impeached and it will be all over your feed today.

Here’s what you need to remember:

1) Donald Trump is your president, not your savior.

Despite your deepest longing to see the return of Jesus (he’s already here btw), God is not dependent upon Donald Trump’s presidency and/or impeachment to bring about His kingdom on earth. Jesus was your King before Trump was your president and He will continue to be long after Donald Trump is forgotten.

2) Donald Trump is your president.

I know it seems redundant, but some of you are still not getting this. You don’t have to agree with everything the POTUS does or says (or tweets). In fact you shouldn’t, even if you you support him.

It is normal and necessary for Christians to disagree with their politicians and press for change, especially in areas of social justice. You do, however, need to remain in submission to the Lord in how we go about this. We are called to be a prayerful people. Your requests to your Father hold more weight with Him than your votes, petitions, and protests will ever hold with the US government.

Don’t forget Who is sovereign and that He wants you to honor governmental authorities by staying in prayer for them.

“Jesus was your King before Trump was your president”

3) The enemy will use your politics to damage your witness.

Make no mistake that the devil is going to be indulging in our careless social media debates, eating popcorn like a well timed Michael Jackson GIF. If you claim to be a follower of Christ, you are an ambassador of the Most High King and the world will be watching. Prayerfully consider all of your words today before posting.

“When in doubt, leave it out.”

This is bigger than your opinions, your outrage, your celebration and even your moral platforms. God can do more to bring people closer to Him through our displays of love than our displays of contention. Remember Jesus came to bring “goodwill to men,” and we should carry that message. Especially now.

4) Tension is divine opportunity.

Politics are naturally divisive. By definition, being political means to engage in “activities within an organization that are aimed at improving someone’s status or position.”

Jesus did the opposite.

He came in lowly estate. He submitted himself to the Father and the authorities of this world, even unto death. Our savior was victorious through submission, not fighting for power. There is no room for an Americanized, western Jesus in the real gospel. That portrait of Jesus is blasphemy.

This impeachment is a divine opportunity to showcase who Jesus really is during a time the world is dark and at odds with God and one another. Don’t miss your chance to be a city on a hill. Be loving in all you do.

Remember that there is one King and it is not the President of the United States.

Praying that the Lord give you abundant wisdom, patience and grace today.

Your sister,