My Husband Skipped Bible Study and Got Exposed To COVID-19

It was a tough day. Peter and I got into a little spat and he decided to skip out on our church meeting/bible study this evening.

We meet every week in our home with just a couple families, so it was no big risk for us to continue our get together amid the chaos.

So, I sat with our close friend and sister in Christ and we chatted about our struggles, how I can help foster a healthier relationship with my hubby, and bounced around in a few topics from scripture. One of which was how we like to blame God.

“It’s funny,” I said, “that God will warn us about natural consequences because He wants to keep us safe and then we get mad at Him when it happens, like it was a curse.”

The Lord reveals His will to us and we step out of that, for whatever reason, then act like we had no clue to the risks we were taking.

I’ve heard it said, for example, that honoring your mother and father brings long life because He gave us them to protect us from things that might harm us.

So when my husband texted to inform me that the neighbor he was visiting with (instead of being present for church this evening) was just notified that he had been exposed to the Coronavirus along with his entire office and multiple confirmed cases… I laughed.

I love my husband so much and I would never wish him ill. But the irony of it all had me almost rolling.

The good news is that he is comfortably confined to our room with his video games, his own bathroom, and has the flexibility to take off of work. Also, he’s in great health and I brought him weights from our basement gym so he can keep working out. He’ll be fine.

Currently, he’s playing Siege online with a young man he and our sons have befriended in Florida and awaiting delivery of a slice of custard pie. (It’s 3/14… Pi day!)

That’s right. The world is panicking and I’m baking pie.

Oh! I was also able to locate toilet paper at the local corner store and this lady right here is always prepared so I’ve got tons of face masks already and a shipment of gloves on the way.

Anyhow, keep us in prayer please. The next two weeks will be a fun ride. Lord knows I will need all the prayer I can get when my positivity starts to dwindle.

The gratitude lists I have been making will help, I’m sure. Try writing up your own if you catch yourself worrying.

Remember, everything is going to be fine.

Keep calm and eat pie!

Your sister,


*Please do not misconstrue my ability to laugh at this situation. I don’t wish anyone ill and God is not punishing us with this virus. Our family is praying for everyone affected. ❤️

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  1. Ya God our God is faithful and is working accourding to His will and purpose,thanks for being open and sharing,it helps a lot,not many are open about their daily struggle and their weekness

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