Choosing Faithfulness

Until now, it’s been difficult to stay put. One unexpected blessing of this virus has been the necessity to slow down and be more present in our own homes.

I never realized how often I was out away from my family or “away” psychologically and emotionally while being present in the home… until I couldn’t be.

Now that there are WAY less things to do and my family is CONSTANTLY in the house, I can see how God is reordering my priorities to better reflect His. He is all about faithfulness, and to be faithful one must first be rooted.

We must submit to being planted and anchoring into a place and people (our family and community) in order to see the fruits of faithfulness. Our restless human nature and the very culture of American life has not been conducive to cultivating this for quite some time. For me, this new norm is a welcomed reset.

No, I’m not walking around barefoot and trying to have a quarantine baby nine months from now… but I have been trying my hand at baking bread, being more present to help with schoolwork, and paying closer attention to my husband. I have been taking more walks around my neighborhood and meeting neighbors for the first time that have lived here for years just like us.

I’m finally growing roots.

Since I left my childhood home in Springfield, VA, I longed for that rootedness. I naively assumed that buying a home and committing to living somewhere for a long time was faithful rootedness. I have found that it is not.

It takes far more intentionality and presence to be rooted in a people and place. And the reality is that we will never truly bless the people around us until we are submitted to honoring them in the way God intended by lavishing extravagant presence on those in our family and community.

“to be faithful, one must first be rooted.”

It doesn’t mean that they will respond right away, or at all. It doesn’t mean that we will be congratulated or acknowledged for our efforts.

It just means that we will become less-obstructed vessels for the Holy Spirit to move through. And isn’t that what we want?

I have had to grapple with some insecurities in order to get here. I want to invite my neighbors over, but I fear the state of my home will be off putting to them (we have puppies, enough said.) I want to walk more and chat with them, but I worry about what people think of me and if they would want the same.

These are not thoughts that are of the Lord.

I know that. But overcoming them is another thing altogether. The good news is that we have a God who has overcome the world, including my little fears and insecurities!

I want to invite you during this time at home to be more presentmore rooted.

To confront your fears and talk with the Lord about whatever they may be. To release them and to release them again when you pick them back up. To live into resurrection power.

You can do this because He already has. We can do this together.

God is equipping the church now more than ever by giving us ample opportunity to live out our priesthood in our homes and neighborhoods. I pray that the world sees a stronger, renewed church that is committed to rootedness and faithfulness on the other side of this quarantine.

I pray that we will all be part of that new, glorious expression of the church.

Your sister,


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