America is NOT a “Christian Nation” and It Never Will Be

Imagine a politician who is opposed to abortion and believes in the sanctity of human life. Not just from conception, but from eternity. Each child is loved “before they were formed in the womb.” But he doesn’t hold a picket sign. He holds the mother-to-be and tells her she is loved, forgiven, and valued.

Imagine a person who would condemn the misogynistic and violent words of fellow politicians who laugh as they comment about grabbing women by the private parts.

Imagine this person believes in the sanctity of ALL human life, but because some are suffering he boldly declares that their lives matter… “Black lives matter.” He doesn’t just say this but he also fights for justice. He walks in solidarity with the broken, hurting, outcast, and oppressed… and he doesn’t do it for a photo op.

Imagine this person not only wants all precious babies to be born, but to be cared for by their community and neighbors. When asked, “who is my neighbor?” He basically replies “everyone, even if you disagree with them.”

Imagine this person doesn’t like fame. He is incredibly wise, but literally RUNS from publicity and purposefully speaks in stories that are confusing to everyone except those who embrace extreme humility and live like him.

Imagine this person tells you to obey the law, even if the system is corrupt.

Imagine he simultaneously walks into the system and flips tables and cracks a whip at the oppressors.

We would never elect this person.

He would never accept election.

Because politics, by its very definition and function, is concerned with gaining power for the purpose of controlling people as groups (not individuals.)

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged

Instead, in his infinite wisdom, he would inaugurate his own government.

One of grace and truth.

One we don’t really want, but desperately need.

A government that thrives upon self sacrifice and struggle. That elevates the underdog and escorts the most popular, winsome, wealthy “victor” to the back of the line. It humbles the exalted and exalts the humble.

America is not built on these ideals as much as we desire it to be so.

It is built by and for sinful, confused people such as ourselves.

But the true government, the Kingdom… that is also being built for people like me. People who know they are sinners and that no earthly power can suffice to bring me peace.

I eagerly await the day Christ makes all things new, but I also plead with you to deal with your sins and blindspots in the waiting.

May the Church be found unified and spotless. We aren’t there just yet.

Your sister,


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