Set The Table

Sometimes we must flip tables.

Sometimes we must set them.

Together, with the former money changers and racists and rioters and lying politicians and blind nationalists… together, we begin to set the table.

Sometimes we must flip them, then sit in the mess until the responsible parties get uncomfortable enough to clean up the disaster (that existed before said table-flip), and then and ONLY then… help them set the table.

It seems like an impossible task. But remember two very important things.

1) I said “former” (insert awful descriptor here), which means we embrace those who are repentant (or at least trying to see their faults)


2) We serve a God for whom nothing is impossible!

This year has been a whirlwind that has left many of us wondering how we will ever recover. The good news is that God already gave us a plan. None of this is a surprise to Him.

But you won’t like it.

I’m guessing neither did He.

We love to talk about how Jesus washed Judas’s feet and “Judas ate too.” It sounds good, but are we willing to do such a thing?

If we’re honest, we picture Jesus as lovingly interacting with Judas in a way that is emotionally aloof and therefore makes Jesus impermeable to the hate being thrust upon him in his most difficult hour.

I’m not so sure that’s how it took place. Yes, what Jesus did was out of love, but it may have been begrudgingly… at least at first. Don’t forget that he had just pleaded to the point of sweating blood for “this cup [to] pass”.

Why does this matter? Because… it’s ok if you don’t want to set the table.

It’s ok to be angry and even feel hatred. Those are all normal, human responses to the trauma and insanity we have endured.

But, at some point, we have to be obedient. We have to pay attention to who around us is trying to pick up the pieces of the overturned tables and start to work with them, even if we still disagree on some things.

We have to show humility and wash the feet of our “enemy.” And it is there, when we choose to go low, that we will begin to see God’s plan for reconciliation to unfold.

Sound like more hypothetical, won’t-work-in-real-like, Christian mumbo jumbo?

Wait till the next blog… when I share with you about a local group of pastors and ministers who have come together across political, denominational, racial, and gender divides to form one of the most amazing communities I have ever been a part of!

Till then, may God give you peace that surpasses understanding and rest for your soul.

Your sister,

Monica Gary

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