The Solid Rock

The Solid Rock

I was searching for my husband and could not locate him as a nearby volcano erupted, burning everything in its path. The hills fell and the forests turned to fire, then smoke, then ash all around me. The ground was shaking beneath my feet. Every direction I turned to run, the earth would crumble before me.

I stopped running.

I stood completely upright, suddenly confident that my God would save me. That, should I die, I would be found in His loving arms. A deep sense of peace came over me and just then I was surrounded by a great pit where the entire disintegrated world had fallen away. I standing on the last remaining piece of earth that could not be consumed even by fire.

My Solid Rock.

The Solid Rock.


In the painting, I stand on the very edge of the whitest "cliff" beside the blood-red chasm. I am surrounded by death yet protected by Grace.

5X7 inches, acrylic and textured acrylic medium on archival quality, gallery stretched canvas. Sealant applied for lasting protection.

Suitable to display unframed, as sides are painted to match.

Certificate of authenticity included. Shipping and tax included.