Pastoral Counseling

First of all, I want to congratulate you for considering care. The fact that you are exploring means that you know there is a problem to be addressed. Healing starts with and depends on humility. Stay humble and you will make glorious progress! We all need help at times. Even Jesus received ministry from angels after his forty day fast in the desert. We often need guidance or care because of struggles with family and friendships, finances, addiction, job or life changes or even losing a loved one.

Pastoral care is not a replacement for professional counseling, but if done well, will complement the work you are doing with a therapist. I can help you learn to hear the Spirit more clearly and discern the things God has planned for your life. We will work together to develop practical, biblical approaches to confronting your issues and healing from hurts and painful generational patterns.

Fee: There is no fee for pastoral counseling services. Donations are encouraged.

*Please be sure to navigate back to this page and schedule your appointment on the calendar below after making your donation.

Please keep in mind that, while the process is structured and professional, I am not a licensed counselor or coach. All advice and guidance is given with the understanding that these services are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment or disease of mental, physical, spiritual nature or otherwise. All services and information shared is confidential. By requesting an appointment for pastoral care/counseling, you are affirming you have read and agree to these terms.