Monica is an incredible inspiration!

She easily connects with people in a genuine and meaningful way. Her compassion for others and herself are a beautiful example of growth and healing.”

Stephanie Rich Wright, Co-Founder at Together We Bake

Click image to listen to my testimony on the Good Word Podcast with Tisha Lewis

There are MILLIONS of stories and speakers to share them! Why would you want me?

I’ve overcome obstacles like many others. Abuse, addiction, neglect, sexual assault, poverty, fear & anxiety, PTSD, my own pride… the list goes on!

BUT, I didn’t overcome trauma on my own. God didn’t “do it for me,” either.

We did it together! Through my relationship with Jesus I’ve gained an eternal perspective for my past and strength for encouraging others into that same freedom.

I also have over seven years of experience in social media ministry along with a biblical process for platform building, which I would LOVE to share with your conference attendees, leadership team and/or congregation!

Of course I love to share the Word and talk about what God has done in my life (set aside some time and tissues for this testimony):

Whatever your needs are for a speaker, feel free to send an inquiry!

Almost ready, but have a few questions? Ask away!

I’m excited to hear from you and how I might work alongside you to spread the hope and joy of Jesus!

Your sister,

Monica Gary Sr.

Thee most important people I get to be with and speak to… my family 😃

Family is the first expression of church and our children are the first disciples we get to train up. They definitely feel the weight of the gospel when I start turning a discussion about chores into a sermon on bearing one another’s burdens…

Seriously though, book me now so they can get a break from me for a few days. They’ll be eternally grateful!

Your sister in Christ,