The Multicultural Church

The reality is that the body of Christ is already a multicultural Church. We just spend so much time in our cozy subgroups that we’ve convinced ourselves that we aren’t diverse.


Women In Authority

I sat in my husband’s office yesterday listening to him share about a church someone recommended to him. Being the vigilant theologian I am, I immediately knew what was off just by the denomination.

The Art of Solitude

When we are alone, the parts that are still to be healed, loved, and resurrected are undeniable. Whereas, when we are surrounded by people and busied with our many activities, it is all too easy to suppress our deficiency.

Sit Down? No Thank You.

  Being a woman called into ministry is a unique experience. I cannot count how many times I’ve been told, if only passively, to “sit down“; that there is no place for a woman in the pulpit. The problem with this is, not only do I know the calling God has placed on my life,…