The Big Picture

Sixteen years ago I spent my nights working on a puzzle into the wee hours of the morning. While I should have been resting for school the next day (I was only seventeen), my mind was too busy for sleep.


Submission: Old Fashioned or Biblical?

I struggled for a long (a very long) time, trying to shape Peter into the man I thought he ought to be if he were going to lead our home. If he were going to lead me. I’m not going to follow just anybody, you know. You had better know where you are going, because I sure do!

The Church and Hugh Hefner

The pastor of the trendy startup church plant brings you onstage to share your struggle and you think you are getting to honor Jesus. But he really invited you there because recovery from the sex industry is the sexy, idolized topic of the month. His secretary jokes calling you “his stripper” in front of the entire congregation.