What About the Ninety-Nine?

Sometime in our lives we are all the “One.”โ€ฉThe one God came after and left the proverbial ninety-nine in doing so.


Women In Authority

I sat in my husband’s office yesterday listening to him share about a church someone recommended to him. Being the vigilant theologian I am, I immediately knew what was off just by the denomination.

Reckless Love In Action

Last night I realized that my current favorite worship song requires only 4 chords on the guitar!!! Needless to say I spent a little while worshipping and crying because, let’s be honest… who doesn’t cry when Reckless Love comes on?!

Do You

Six years and one day ago I was baptized.โ€ฉSpiritually, I felt like the chic in this photo… but with really cold bubbles ’cause my pastor thought it was funny to dunk us in freezing water. (Just kidding, but it was legit COLD!)